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Advantages of getting Pre-Qualified for a Loan

  1. The most important is that it saves you and your Realtor TIME!!
  2. You and your Realtor know what price range property you should be looking at.
  3. With a written pre-qualification letter from your lender, you can usually negotiate a better sales price.
  4. When you find the right property, you won't have to wait weeks to see if you qualify and then be disappointed when the Lender says "NO WAY".
  5. The Realtor's livelehood depends on commissions and they only get paid when a transaction closes, so he/she is more likely to invest the time and energy to find the right property for you.

Finding the right Loan Officer for you

We all have our favorite Loan officers we deal with. We know from experience that when they tell you that you are qualified for X amount of mortgage, that we can rely on that to get you the best possible sales price, you owning the piece of property you want, and make all involved in the transaction happy! Friends, associates, and others may tell you about their horror stories, but try to listen to your Realtor about who he/she recommends (Don't forget, The Realtor is only paid when a sale closes). We all have our horror stories of dealing with some lenders that have made promises to a buyer, but when it comes time to close, they can not deliver the promised product. This makes you and the Realtor representing you look foolish!!! There are many different types of loan programs available today and one that fits your circumstances best.

So - Ask your Realtor for the loan officer he recommends.

Austin Area Favorite Mortgage Money Sources

  1. Michael Leseten - Residential and Investor Loans - Capstar Lending - 512-947-7376[email]
  2. Austin Mortgage Bankers Association - Call one of the members for Infomation!

Texas Housing Agencies

  • City of Austin - Neighborhood and Community Development
  • Texas Housing Agency

    National Mortgage Money Sites

    1. Mortgages 101
    2. Blackburne & Brown Commercial Mortgage Co, Inc - Commercial Loans
    3. Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.
    4. Fannie Mae's Home Path
    5. Homeowners Finance Center
    6. Mortgage Magazine - Loads of Mortgage info
    7. Mortgage Market Information Services
      Your best first step into the mortgage marketplace!
    8. Money Magazine & Fortune

      Business & Investment

      1. ComFind - The Global Internet Business Directory
      2. MoneySearch - Multi resource for Money and Investments and Real Estate
      3. Search EngineWebCrawler

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